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Extracted & Refined from rice bran oil

NutraIngre™ Gamma Oryzanol

  • Major Components:  Cycloartenyl ferulate, 24–methylene cycloartanyl ferulate, Campesteryl ferulate
  • Molecular Formula:  C40H58O4
  • CAS No.: 11042-64-1;
  • EINECS number: 244-285-1
  • Molecular Weight: 602.8861
  • Appearance: White to off-white crystalline
  • Shelf Life: 24 months in the unopened original container at room temperature
  • Storage: Store in tight, light-resistant containers at cool & dry place
  • Package: 20KG fiber drums (Food grade)

NutraIngre™ Gamma Oryzanol Gamma Oryzanol

Gamma-oryzanol is a natural nutrient extracted and refined from rice bran oil. It is currently recognized to be a mixture of ferulic acid esters of phytosterols and triterpenoids, particularly cycloartenyl ferulate, 24-methylenecycloartanyl ferulate, and campesteryl ferulate, which together represent for 80 percent of gamma-oryzanol.

Both experimental and clinical studies shows that gamma-oryzanol is an extremely safe natural substance.

γ-Oryzanol has been used for menopausal symptoms, mild anxiety, stomach upset, and high cholesterol in Japan, and it is also popular as a sports supplement in the the United States.

Main Specification

Test method
Odor and taste
White to off-white crystalline powder
Specific flavor
Antioxidant, Anti-aging, Skin-whitening, Sports Performance and Bodybuilding, cardiovascular circulation promoting, blood sugar Lowering, etc.
Dietary supplement, Health products, cosmetics, etc.

Why HSF’s NutraIngre™ Gamma Oryzanol


Advanced technologies

HSF adopts the method of micro-encapsulating gamma oryzanol to gamma oryzanol CWS to improve the solubility in water, thus, wider application is permitted.


100% Natural source

HSF is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality ingredients with 100% natural source to make the best possible products.



Meet JP, EP and USP standards; Third Party Tested by an independent laboratory; All this will help ensure high quality and safety.



Each and every raw material in our products are traceable and certificated to ensure you get the only and very best ingredients.

The Benefits of NutraIngre™ Gamma Oryzanol

Physiological Roles

Gamma Oryzanol can support healthy cholesterol levels.

It can help support normal nerve system by improving autonomic nerve dysfunction, endocrine balance disorders and mental nerve disorders;

Oryzanol’s lipid-lowering effect can also improve myocardial blood supply and improve sleep;

In addition, it is also often used in the adjuvant treatment of premenstrual symptoms and menopausal symptoms.

Sports Performance and Bodybuilding

Gamma oryzanol can enhance muscle growth and athletic performance by increasing the levels of testosterone, growth hormone and other anabolic hormones.

Gamma Oryzanol is widely used in the supplementation of Athletes and bodybuilders.


Oryzanol is also called “beauty element” for its efficacy in reducing the fragility of capillaries, improving the function of skin microvascular circulation, and treat menopausal skin diseases, female facial desquamative eczema, pityriasis on the head, etc.

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